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Pythagorean Theorem

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BBC Math  Animal Facts Slope formula Slope intercept formula Matching 0 or undef pos neg undef zero  Find slope y1-y2/x1-x2  Slope Jeopardy  Slope Quiz Multiple Slope Activities slope  Spelling Game  Expressions Weakest link Math

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Click here for 2nd and 3rd hour and 6th hour Computer assignment for Friday, February 1st.

Click here for 4th and 5th hour Math Assignment.

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Tetris at

1   Retake the Math Review Quiz...

2  Then go to Math Olympics while waiting for everyone to complete the quiz...

3  If you break the record, visit the MOLE!!!!

4  If you defeat the may choose your own MATH activity.

       Some suggestions are listed below...   


Integer Video

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C,2,Slide 2





H…good perimeter exercise

I…Order of Operations Advanced

J…Internet Terms

K…Quia Shared Activities

L…Equation Battleship

M...Math List of Activities

Math Review Quiz

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Integer Circle

Builder Ted

Algebra Scale

Algebra Connect Four 4 4 4 4 4 4 4  4

Integer Games

Math Car Racing..with integers

Integer Rules

Multiplying Integers

Dividing Integers

Integer Tic tac Toe

Powers Tic Tac Toe

That Math Site

Race the Nation

Vector Kids...another math fact competition

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Which floor am I on?Multiple Math Games

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Washington DC Trackstar #194473

Washington, DC for Kids

Washington, DC Map

Do you know the answer?

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Circle 99

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    Find the Circumference

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         Using Map Scales

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The Language of Mathematics #243124

Greatest  Common Factor

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aaaMath Order of Operations

Adding one-digit Integers

Timed Practice of MATH FACTS
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Hidden Picture


Reducing Fractions

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Quadrants  (Coordinate Plane)

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Adding Integers

Adding Integers

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Integers:  All Operations

Guess an Integer

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Typing Pal

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Greatest Common Factor


Decimals Worksheet

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Multiplying Decimals

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Mixed to Improper

Improper to Mixed

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abc teach for teachers

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Geometry terms










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