Good morning students.  Be sure to be seated at your computer.  The substitute has the computer number list.  You will need to get pencil and loose leaf from your booksack for this assignment.  You may use ink but remember that I do not accept scratch outs nor do I accept white out corrections.


Using paper and pencil define all of the following technology words.  Write and underline the vocabulary word.  Write the definition.  Skip lines and write neatly.

Use the site .  There is alot of information for each word.  You should simplify each definition.  Remember to keep all of the important information when you simplify the definition.  At the end of class, turn in your work.  Be sure to label your paper with your name number and class hour.


Technology Vocabulary 

 1.   login

 2.  cursor

 3.  edit

 4.  word processor

 5.  hardware

 6.  software

 7.  network

 8.  e-mail

 9.  directory

10.  desktop

11.  copyright

12.  software piracy

13.  license agreement

14.  computer

15.  database

16. internet or web browser

17.  boolean search

18.  query

19.  field

20.  record

21.  file

22.  retrieve -

23.  spreadsheet

24.  cell

25.  column

26.  formula

27.  telecommunications

28.  multimedia

29.  desktop publishing

30.  graphics

31.  digital

32.  peripherals

33.  memory

34.  byte,

35.  kilobyte

36.  megabyte

40.  gigabyte


If students finish….students can play ONLY Wordlink or the Product Game.